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Anterior Cervical Plating Systen

The semi-rigid plate and screw interface is the basic priniciple of the CASPAR Cervical Plating System which has been used world-wide since 1980. Materials and design have been continously improved to reach the highest level of implant reliability. CASPARevolution is Aesculap's mature and safe cervical plating system.


  • Extremely flat plate design
  • Special screw design reduces the likelihood of screw "Back-Out"
  • Fast screw insertion due to selftapping profile
  • Prebent lordotic plate facilitates restoration of cervical lordosis
  • Excellent proven long-term results


  • Semi-rigid plate of very low profile made of pure titanium
  • Special screw design for solid bony anchoring
  • Oversized revision screws
  • Tried and trusted instrument for easy implant insertion

Scientific Studies
Anterior Cervical Plate Stabilization in One- and Two-Level Degenerative Disease: Overtreatment or Benefit?, J of Spinal Disorders, Vol. 11, No. 1, p. 1-11, 1998; W. Caspar, F.H. Geisler, T. Pitzen, T.A. Johnson
Evaluation of a new monocortical screw for anterior cervical fusion and plating by a combined biomechanical and clinical study, European Spine Journal 8, 1999; T. Pitzen, H.J. Wilke, W. Caspar, L. Claes, W.I. Steudel


Use for mono- and multisegmental fusions in cases of cervical spine instabilities caused by:
Tumors, degenerative diseases of intervertebral discs and fractures.

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