CranioFix® absorbable

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Absorbable clamp system for an unhindered skull growth

CranioFix® absorbable is a double-sided clamp based system for the fixation of bone flaps. The implants are made out of absorbable polyester material. CranioFix® absorbable retains approximately 90% of its initial strength after 12 weeks. The absorbable material completely disappears within 2-3 years.

Unhindered skull growth

  • Particularly suitable for pediatric cases

Good cosmetic results

  • No palpable, visible implants, especially in frontal area

Fast and easy application

  • No instruments needed

Absorbable and stable

  • Made from the clinically proven absorbable polyester material

MRI compatibility

  • MRI examinations do not present an additional risk to CranioFix® absorbable implant wearers.


  • Fixation of bone flaps

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