CranioFix® PEEK

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Radiolucent clamp system for artifact free images

CranioFix® PEEK follows the example of the popular and proven functionality of CranioFix Absorbable, including the advantages of instrument-free application. Again, the two (NON-ABSORBABLE!) PEEK disks are connected by a sophisticated suture configuration with a Roeder knot. A chain-block mechanism is used to achieve perfect bone flap fixation with a defined clamping force.
CranioFix® PEEK should be interesting for neurosurgeons disinclined to use titanium as implant material, neurosurgeons insisting on instrument-free application, neurosurgeons demanding artifact-free implants or pediatric neurosurgeons not wishing to use absorbable or titanium implants.


  • Instrument-free handling
  • Fast and easy application
  • Reliable and secure fixation


  • No artefacts regarding postoperative CT or MR imaging
  • Sterile packaging


  • Instrument-free fixation system for cranial bone flaps