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Titanium plates and screws for Bone Flap Fixation

CranioPlate has been specially developed for neurosurgery for the fixation of cranial bone flaps and skull fractures. The distinguishing feature of CranioPlate is its modular storage concept. The low profile plate and screw implants are supplied inclear storage modules. This enables you to load your CranioPlate system with components entirely in accordance with your individual requirements.
CranioPlate's open storage concept makes mechanical cleaning possible even with fully loaded storage units (excluding instruments). Residual water and dirt will be a thing of the past.
CranioPlate offers a special selection of Neurosurgery implants that covers all indications in Bone Flap Fixation.


  • Modular storage concept
  • Optimized storage for plates and screws
  • Self-drilling screws for ease of use
  • Special plate and screw selection for Neurosurgery
  • Blue implant coloring increases contrast and simplifies plate recognition


  • 1.5 mm screw diameter
  • 0.6 mm low profile plates
  • Plates made from pure Titan Ti6Al4V
  • Sterile kits available as sterilized standard set of plates and screws


Several accessories available, such as drill bits, CranioPlate/CranioFix®2/ScalpFix combination trayetc.


  • Craniofacial surgery
  • Cranial bone flaps
  • Skull fractures
  • Certain midface fractures and fractures of the craniofacial skull
  • Certain fractures of the jaws and chin
  • Other reconstructive indications at the cranium