Dental Container

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Special design for dental surgery

Aesculap Dental sterile containers are ideal for sterile preparation in dental surgeries. They fit into all common mini sterilizers. A wide range of accessories is available for combining individual instrument sets.


  • Locking system for a reliable closure and hygienic opening 
  • Space-saving in the sterile supplies cycle through stacking
  • Quick release filter holder for quick and easy replacement of Aesculap sterile filters (single-use filters or reusable filter for 1000 sterilisation cycles)
  • System designed trays for processing, thermal disinfection, sterilization, transport and storage of instruments

User Benefits

  • Advantages due to reusable packaging, low costs of use and long service life
  • Comfortable handling: Simple and quick
  • Standardized easy documentation of the supply cycle


  • Systematic Instrument Reprocessing Procedure

    Working with the Aesculap Sterile Container and Tray System.