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One-piece stoma bag systems

The Flexima® Active range offers a B. Braun patented skin protector which makes you feel the difference: Its high cohesion network provides immediate adhesivity, protects the skin and presents low risk of residue.* The low profile skin protector of this 1-piece range is very comfortable to wear and adapts easily to all body contours giving users a sensation of second skin.**

Flexima® Active Colostomy bags available in three sizes, mini, midi and maxi.


Colors and capacity:

  • Mini:
    • Bag capacity of +/- 220 ml (ISO 8670-2)
    • Cut-to-fit Ø15-45 mm: beige with inspection window
  • Midi:
    • Bag capacity of +/- 480 ml (ISO 8670-2)
    • Cut-to-fit Ø15-50 mm: transparent and beige with inspection window
    • Pre-cut  Ø25 mm, Ø30 mm, Ø35 mm and Ø40 mm: beige with inspection window
  • Maxi:
    • Bag capacity of +/- 600 ml (ISO 8670-2)
    • Cut-to-fit Ø15-65 mm: transparent and beige with inspection window


High performance protected filter (HP):

  • Improved deodorization capacity through its high-tech breathable membrane


  • Soft non-woven and odor-proof plastic film
  • Free of latex (PVC) and phthalates (DEHP)

Boxes of 10 or 30 drainable bags and 6 filter protective stickers



In addition to the transparent and beige bags we are offering also beige split cover bags (with inspection window) that combine both the discretion of a beige stoma bag and the visual control to check easily stoma or stool aspect and quantity.


One-piece closed bag for body effluent collection for people having undergone intestinal surgery of colostomy type.

  • For flushed or slightly retracted stomas
  • For stomas located in light or moderate skin folds



* Study code: IDEA 2.60_ 12 J

**International Post Market User Evaluation of Flexima® / Softima® Active 1-Piece system – B. BRAUN Internal Report

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