Flexima® Key Ileo (Mini)

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Drainable mini stoma bags

Flexima® Key is a flexible adhesive two-piece system with a guiding system for precise, simple and secure positioning. Flexima® Key Roll 'up Mini is the smallest size available within that range of drainable stoma bags.


  • Unique key guiding system for precise positioning
  • High performance (HP) filter
  • A 40 mm flange opening
  • Available in transparent or beige (for more discretion)
  • Pouch volume of 250 ml (ISO 8670-2)
  • Soft, non woven backing material for more comfort
  • Silent plastic film for a reinforced pouch discretion


Two-piece system drainable pouch for collection of body effluents for any person having undergone intestinal surgery of the enterostomy type. The Flexima® Key pouches have to be used with corresponding Flexima® Key base plates.

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