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Bloodline systems with Luer Lock and Spike connector for Single-Needle, Single-Needle Cross-Over and double-needle therapy with Dialog or competitor machines.

In the last years the dialysis therapy has focused more specifically on the clinical situation of patients with chronic renal failure, by promoting techniques and products designed as a global therapeutic system.
Under this perspective, dialysis bloodlines have a key importance both for aspects of biocompatibility and of treatment safety & efficiency.
Today machines can monitor the treatment through biosensors integrated with the single-use device.

The usage safety and the efficiency of bloodlines are compulsory to guarantee - together with the other components - the perfect performance of the dialysis treatment according to European standards and to nephrology guidelines.

Additionally, to the standard bloodline systems with Luer Lock, these systems already have a pre-assembled spike and a recirculation system (three-way cock, Discofix C). The system is qualified for the usage of seperate NaCl containers for priming, reinfusion and potential bolus injectionin cominbationwith the dialysis machines mentioned on the lable.

The spike enables the direct connection to the product series Ecoflac plus, NaCl 0,9% and sterile infusion solution.

All the components needed for applying the new Ecoprime system are already included in the pre-connected bloodline system.

Our product range provides a safe and reliable choice of models for the following equipment:

  • Althin 1000
  • Fresenius 2008-4008
  • Gambro AK100-AK200
  • Nikkiso DDB

To be used on different therapies :

  • double-needle therapy
  • single-needle therapy
  • Single-Needle Cross-Over
  • HDF

The products are made with Medical Grade Plastic Material, the injection sites are Latex Free,
the patient connectors are self-ejecting andall the bloodlines are sterilized by Radiation.

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