Prontosan® Wound Irrigation Solution

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Irrigation solution for acute and chronic wounds including burns 

  • For rinsing, cleansing, moistening and decontamination of acute, chronic, and infected skin wounds and burns 
  • Available in 350 ml bottles, 1000 ml bottles, boxes of 6 x 40 ml ampoules, boxes of 24 x 40 ml ampoules 


  • Rapid and effective debridement due to microfiber technology 
  • Helps to obtain a clean wound bed and a clean skin surrounding 
  • Soft debridement, with minimal tissue irritation 
  • Unique droplet shape to allow debridement of cavities and areas difficult to reach 
  • Blister packaging to allow aseptic soaking of the pad prior to use 


For cleansing, moistening and decontamination of: 

  • Non-infected and infected acute and traumatic wounds 
  • Non-infected and infected chronic wounds (e.g. vascular, diabetic or pressure ulcers; complex, recalcitrant wounds; cavity or difficult-to-access wounds 

Postoperative wounds (after surgical intervention and suturing) 

  • Thermal and non-thermal burns degree (I, IIa, IIb and III) 
  • Fistulas and abscesses  
  • Entry ports of urological catheters, PEG/PEJ tubes or drainage tubes 
  • Peristomal skin 

 For intraoperative cleansing and irrigation of wounds.  

 For moistening encrusted dressings and bandages prior to removal.  

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