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For the repair of ruptured tendons according to Lengemann

Tendofil® is a special surgical set for the adaptation of ruptured tendons according to the Lengemann technique. Tendofil® consists of a double wire attached to a straight needle at one end and a curved needle at the other end. In addition, Tendofil® is equipped with a V-shaped barb.


  • Tendofil® double wire suture adapts the two ends of the tendon together. When the healing tendon has sufficient strength, Tendofil® is removed.


Sizes available USP 3/0 (2 metric)


  • Tendofil® is used to produce a blocking, expandable double wire tendon suture according to the Lengemann technique for the treatment of ruptured flexor tendons or strong extensor tendons in the hand that are not subject to great strain