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Continuous real-time monitoring of dialysis dose (Kt/V)

Dialog+ option Adimea is an innovative measurement procedure for reliable and continuous dialysis dose control (Kt/V) throughout the entire treatment.
The innovative system utilizes the principles of spectroscopy for determining the reduction in the molar concentration of urinary excreted substances in the dialysate drain. The pioneering
technology enables measurement in the spent dialysate. Because it continuously analyses change in the molar concentration, Adimea is directly connected to the patient. Physicians and
nursing staff can selectively adjust the treatment parameters during the treatment, which is of great benefit to the patient.
In other words, the equipment provides an optimum means for reaching the set treatment goals. Clinical trials show a very close correlation between the spKt/V established in blood samples and the spKt/V established by Adimea.


  • Easy handling, only the pre-dialytic weight of the patient is required
  • There no need to calculate the V, so the system is much more accurate.
  • Easily forecast of the Kt/V prognosis
  • Display results for spKt/V or eKt/V and URR.
  • No additional costs with disposables

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