Xenon Lightsource

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AXel 180 and AXel 300

Xenon stands for

  • Extremely high light intensity
  • Excellent colour reporduction due to an absolute natural light

Additional advantages of the AXel lightsources

  • Xenon technology achieves a higher efficiency than Halogen lightsources. Consequently they provide more light.
  • Special integrated UV-filters reduce the highest amount of heat in the visible light.
  • Guaranteed minimum lifetime of the Xenon lamps of 500 (AXel 180) respectively 700 (AXel 300) hours. An integrated counter counts the operating hours.
  • Light output can be adapted to different illumination conditions (large cavity, smalldiameter scope, etc.)
  • Light intensity is controlled manually by a knob.
  • Easy-to-operate.
  • Simple exchange ofthe lamp - without major technical procedures and without special tools.
  • Natural color reproduction of the camera due to the Xenon color temperature of 6000 K (daylight)
  • Eye protection - only when introducing the lightcable an internal lightbeam protection shutter is removed.
  • Universal application.
  • Worldwide power supply for use throughout the world.

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