Aesculap Instrument Organisation System

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Aesculap InOS®

A really straightforward idea.

From here to there! Valuable operating instruments have a lot to take care of today. Using our organisation system for sterile materials supply, your instruments can take a well-deserved rest. Use  the gentle elements made of latex-free silicone to hold the delicate instruments and reliably store them during all operations. The multi-facetted system made up of perfectly fitting holders, clamps and mesh mats is precisely tailored to the Aesculap trays. And above all, you can use them for your daily work. Aesculap InOS® is surprisingly practical, hands-on and refreshingly yellow. A real smile system! 

Scientific Paper

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Aesculap InOS Scientific Paper J. Mareville, J.F. Allart, J. Boyer, Y. Inghels: Cleaning microsurgery instruments: which method to use?
pdf (415.4 KB)

Customer's Voice

Interview with Cornelia Buchholz, OR Manager and Coordination, Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus Stuttgart, Germany