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Handling Big Data with OnlineSuiteplus

ICU Examination Spaceplus with Big Data
The Spaceplus and OnlineSuiteplus system works hand in hand for efficient handling of big data with a focus on cyber security. 

The importance of big data for healthcare providers is significant. Improving patient outcomes through the earlier detection of diseases and more effective treatments are not only beneficial for patients, but also lead to reduced costs. The amount of sensitive patient data collected by different digital technologies used in hospitals is growing by the day.

Electronic medical records (EMR) as a big data manager

Electronic medical records (EMR) can help to handle big data. The technology of EMR allows healthcare professionals to easily update and track patient data at different healthcare facilities. Preventive examinations, screenings, and monitoring are thus less likely to be forgotten or duplicated. That is why EMRs help in terms of efficiency.1

For years, B. Braun has been working closely with the major suppliers of EMR systems. The entire Spaceplus & OnlineSuiteplus system is engineered to be seamlessly connected with a variety of EMR systems using the bi-directional HL7-IHE interface.

But what about cyber security? Closely linked to the topic of big data is always the question of how data will be protected.
While big data continues to grow, so do the attempts to hack medical devices such as infusion pumps.

15–19% of medical devices were running on out-of-date operating systems, which poses a security risk.2

Cyber security by design – Get fit for the digital future

Icon cyber security in healthcare

At B. Braun, security is not only a marketing claim. It is reality in every product. 70 years of innovation in infusion therapy speak for themselves. How can our latest infusion system meet this high standard?
We took the chance to create a completely new infusion system with a focus on safety and security rather than just a facelift.

The Spaceplus & OnlineSuiteplus system is setting a new benchmark in healthcare cyber security thanks to its security-by-design approach.
It features an innovative and unique hardware and software architecture according to industry-leading best practice approaches. It was developed to apply to the latest international recommendations and standards (ISO / NIST) by strictly separating IT communication and infusion pump core functions in the system architecture.

The Spaceplus and OnlineSuiteplus system is B. Braun’s first infusion pump platform that was developed with the intention of fulfilling all main requirements with an utmost focus on patient safety as well as EMR interoperability and cyber security. Therefore, all data that is transmitted through the hospital network between the Spaceplus infusion pumps and the OnlineSuiteplus servers is end-to-end encrypted.

In combination with OnlineSuiteplus, it is the data source for continuous quality improvements in infusion therapy. This is the digital infusion system for hospitals that want to offer their patients individualized and safe infusion therapy with maximum medical options.

  • easy to integrate
  • state-of-the-art interoperability into hospital information systems
  • advanced approach to more cyber security

The Spaceplus & OnlineSuiteplus system is the digital solution of choice for the healthcare sector.

Digital hospital interoperability – Be free with WiFi!

OnlineSuiteplus is the robust and reliable gateway to a new dimension of secure interoperability. The OnlineSuiteplus platform provides smart solutions for maintaining the Spaceplus infusion pumps throughout the complete lifecycle in the hospital.

Updates and upgrades of the Spaceplus system components (infusion pump and communication devices software) can be managed separately and remotely through the hospital’s network with the OnlineSuiteplus platform.

The benefit for hospitals of this on-the-fly update approach is that there is no need to physically touch and remove devices from the clinical workflow anymore.

The upgrade and update procedure managed via the OnlineSuiteplus does not disturb clinical workflows and does not interrupt patients’ therapy. The integrated WiFi module in every Spaceplus infusion pump ensures the highest flexibility, which results in a low total cost of ownership.

graphic digital infusion pump updates
Remote infusion pump updates and secure integration with OnlineSuiteplus.

Healthcare 4.0: Smart technology, smart hospitals 

B. Braun has a global community of trained experts to provide optimal consulting services to hospitals’ IT and biomedical departments. We support the secure integration of the standard interfaces between medical devices and the hospital's network, as well as customized solutions. Naturally, this also includes maintenance support.

OnlineSuiteplus is your smart asset management system. Observe the status quo of your devices in real time with just a click. Efficient processes for updating infusion devices with new software and drug library data through the hospital’s network are an essential time-saving benefit for the biomedical engineering department.
Equally important from a clinical perspective is the fact that infusion therapy is not interrupted during the controlled transfer of updates.
DeviceManagerplus is technicians’ centralized toolbox for managing infusion pumps across the entire hospital via its network.

OnlineSuiteplus: Big data solution software with cyber security

OnlineSuiteplus is the generation of innovative software applications for the digital management of B. Braun infusion pumps in hospitals.

Benefits of digitalization with Spaceplus in hospitals:

  • Handle big data efficiently
  • Reduce the time and cost of administration processes
  • Manage infusion pumps centrally
  • Protect sensitive patient data
  • Implement cyber security

Read more about the features of Spaceplus & OnlineSuiteplus and how they solve essential problems in healthcare.


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