Patient Safety: Usage of IV Pumps in Hospitals Superior Workplace Design

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How to prevent medication errors with Spaceplus?

carrying Spaceplus infusion pump in hospital
Spaceplus sets new standards for hospital workflows and safety.

In intensive care units, time counts more than anywhere else in the hospital. Due to time pressure, errors quickly creep in that can compromise patient safety. Therefore, time-efficient workflows including quickly updated medical devices are key to improving patient safety and preventing medication errors. How does the new Spaceplus ecosystem play into this?

Intuitive design to support nurses

Spaceplus sets standards for workplace design and flexibility to support nursing workflows on a holistic level.

Our new infusion pump Spaceplus has won the red dot and iF awards for product design! The outstanding achievements due to its workplace design and flexibility in intra- and inter-hospital usage, especially in combination with the station contributed to this.

Pumps can be easily carried via the integrated handle, stacked on top of each other, or stacked into the Spaceplus Station. The easy and tool-free connection of up to 6 stations that can be extended to a workplace for up to 24 infusion pumps is possible.
The Spaceplus Station displays visual and audible alarms centrally, allowing for quicker alarm localization within the room. 

The resistive color touch display prevents unintentional changes to the infusion parameters, however, the touch display can also be operated under wet conditions. Even when using with wet gloves, your system works perfectly fine.
Additionally, the IP44 rating sets a new benchmark in protection against splashed water coming from all directions.

Thanks to its crystal-clear structure, even from a distance of more than 3m, the user interface is highly legible. The nursing staff can see everything at a glance when entering the room.

The innovative design reduces open connectors that are prone to corrosion and thus supports routine tasks like cleaning and disinfection. Data communication to the Spaceplus Station is handled via the infrared interface.

Patient Safety: The safer the better

Infusions pumps help to ensure patient safety in all areas of healthcare, but particularly in the intensive care unit or emergency room, drug administration errors can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, nurses and physicians must be able to rely on high quality and a safe and secure application, while at the same time, the handling of Perfusor® and Infusomat® needs to be simple, intuitive, standardized, and fast.

Drug libraries reduce the risk of medication errors by adding safety limits to therapies. Additionally, Spaceplus offers multiple and individual drug color codes to support safety at first glance.
In addition, those safety limits are visualized on the pump screen while programming the infusion.

During drug administration, the user interface of your new infusion pump optionally shows the filling status of the syringe in real-time.

spaceplus perfusor syringe pump
Spaceplus Perfusor® displays the filling status of a syringe in real-time.

Spaceplus – new benchmark for safe medication:

  • Be centrally informed about alarms
  • Support nursing workflows
  • Be more flexible
  • Reduce errors with safety limits and drug color coding
  • Rely on high-precision delivery rates
  • Efficient updating processes

Remote pump updates on the fly

The standard, built-in WiFi functionality allows for seamless therapy documentation into electronic patient records to ensure patient safety. The new pumps run on WiFi even when they are being used in the Spaceplus Station.

This also provides for remote update functions, saving time so you can provide care for your patients. You are able to individually select the pumps in the hospital that are to receive an update. Throughout the update, the pumps are always ready for clinical use.

Software and drug library updates of infusion pumps are currently time-consuming and often disrupt the normal nursing processes. 

The respective pumps must first be collected and are then missing from the ward. An update takes 10 minutes for the biomedical engineer. After that, the engineer has to return the pump to the ward. All in all, this is a time- and cost-intensive workflow.

With remote updates via the hospital’s network, you can always keep the Spaceplus software and drug library up to date without interrupting the clinical workflow. The pumps can remain at bedside without being moved. This process allows for efficiency in terms of standardizing therapy approaches throughout the hospital. 

Drug library updates no longer represent a time-consuming task. The limitations and setting parameters of drugs change continuously and should be permanently reflected on the pump. With the remote process, hospitals always stay up to date.

Easily monitor update progress in real time via OnlineSuiteplus Device Managerplus