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Freeflow protection

Precise drug administration to avoid over- or underdosing, as well as reliable freeflow prevention are prerequisites for patient safety in infusion therapy. The correct use of (smart) infusion pumps is critical to avoiding medication errors.

To ensure the correct use of infusion pumps, not only the precision and accuracy of the pump itself, but also its usability play an important role in increasing safety, especially while changing disposables.

The volumetric pump has the set-based and device-based freeflow protection.

The innovative drive technology of Spaceplus not only allows for outstanding startup and delivery performance, but also delivers safety and unique convenience when changing disposables. Freeflow is reliably prevented. 

Prevent freeflow and handling mistakes during syringe change with the unique and patented syringe piston brake of our new smart infusion pump.
Watch the video above to learn more about the piston brake.

How does the syringe piston brake of the Spaceplus Perfusor® work? 

Until the drive head has gripped the syringe plunger with the claws, it is important that the syringe plunger is not emptied by gravity or by any other mechanical force, such as when moving a manual drive arm. The unique syringe piston brake holds the plunger in place until the drive arm grabs the syringe with its claws. As soon as the syringe is inserted, the syringe pump takes over safely and the syringe is reliably held in place, while the technology prevents unintended bolus.

The red dot- and iF award-winning design of both pumps is a great contribution to the hospital’s safety and quality management.

The automatic drive technology allows for preeminent startup when changing disposables: it’s fast, safe, and highly accurate.

Delivery accuracy: Infusomat® meets Perfusor®

infusion rate precision of spaceplus infusomat
Outstanding delivery accuracy of the new Spaceplus Infusomat®

Precision determines health. Administering drugs at low flow rates requires an optimized startup characteristic and delivery accuracy. Spaceplus Perfusor® and Spaceplus Infusomat® introduce new dimensions of delivery rate accuracy based on superior mechanical drive technology: 

Spaceplus Infusomat: + / - 3%
Spaceplus Perfusor: + / -2%

Infusion pump usability: As simple as it is precise

Using an infusion pump has never been so user-friendly. The operation of Spaceplus is highly intuitive and can be adapted to clinical workflows in order to reduce medication errors.
Both the Infusomat® and the Perfusor® have the same design, interface, and menu structure.

This means less training for healthcare professionals and a reduced risk of incorrect handling.

  • The guided user interface assists the user in programming and handling the infusion pump to support daily clinical routines.
  • Color coding on the user interface supports the distinction of the medication used with the pump. You can even immediately see from far away which drug or medication group is being administered to your patient. At the same time, the chosen medication can be verified with the one being used to make sure that the programming is right.
  • Safety at first glance: The nursing staff can see the user interface with just a glance when entering the room. It remains legible even from a distance of more than 3 meters.
  • The emptying of the syringe can be shown on the display in real-time to facilitate the timely exchange of a further syringe, as well as the therapy planning.

The drug library is a key feature in smart infusion pumps. 

Digital infusion pump updates in hospital
Driving Digitalisation. Healthcare 4.0.

5 benefits of the integrated drug library in your Spaceplus System 

  1. It allows the hospital to define medication and therapy standards for different patient profiles and care units.
  2. It defines individualized safety-limits in order to prevent under- and overdosages.
  3. Pre-defined therapy settings support nurses during infusion programming.
  4. Medication limits are visualized at the pump user interface to clearly highlight the ranges within which nurses can administer medicine.
  5. Easy update of drug library data via the hospital’s network without interrupting clinical processes through our remote update process.

The Spaceplus infusion pump system allows one to react quickly, appropriately, and safely – without thinking.
Experience a new and innovative therapy experience.

Technology with a touch of efficiency and a smile.